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Agony aunts join together in support of sexual health

The nation’s best loved agony aunts – Gill Cox, Tracey Cox, Jenni Trent Hughes, Emma Marlin, Susan Quilliam, Denise Robertson, Deidre Sanders, Dr Pam Spurr and Zelda West-Meads – have also come together to help us support sexual health services.

The agony aunts are calling for the Government and decision-makers to maintain their commitment to the nation’s sexual health to prevent it going into a sharp decline.

In a joint statement they said:

“Good sexual health is essential to physical and mental health as well as positive relationships, self-esteem and self-identity and personal responsibility. During economic uncertainty, sexual health services are often seen as easy targets - they’re more likely to go first or lose more of their funding compared to others. We’re here to remind decision makers that sexual health services must be protected.”