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If you’re planning to have sex, the best way to prevent pregnancy is to use contraception.

There are 15 different methods of contraception to choose from, and they are all free on the NHS in the UK.

Many people aren't aware that there is such a wide range of choice available, but it's well worth spending time finding out about your options and finding exactly the right contraception for you. It's also important to consider sometimes whether you need to think about changing your method - if you have a change in your relationship or another lifestyle change, for example.

If you aren’t sure about which method you’d like to use you can find a local clinic to visit or try using FPA and Brook's online decision-aid My Contraception Tool.

Don't forget, most methods of contraception will not also prevent a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Condoms are the only contraception that also prevent STIs and you might like to think about using condoms and another form of contraception.