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Your sexual health rights

When you visit a clinic, GP surgery or pharmacy to get contraception, sexual health advice or treatment you deserve a service that is private, caring and easy to use and get to, with staff who listen to you and respect your choices.

Bill of Rights for Sexual HealthPrivacy You're entitled to a fully confidential service – no matter what age you are. Your private details won't be passed on without your permission, or discussed in a public place (like a reception).

Availability You should be able to reach your service easily, and it should offer a choice of opening hours. You shouldn’t have to wait more than two hours to be seen at a drop-in clinic.

Choice The options open to you are explained clearly, and your opinions are listened to – not ignored. You should have a choice of the full range of contraception methods.

Service You can expect all staff at the clinic, GP surgery or pharmacy to be polite, professional, and well-trained. Reception staff should be discreet and friendly.

Honesty If your GP, clinic or pharmacy refuses to offer certain services – such as emergency contraception or referrals for abortion – they should tell you upfront and refer you to alternative services.

Respect It doesn't matter who you are: you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. You can expect to receive considerate, responsive and non-judgemental care.

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