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Write to your MP

Do you believe we can't go backwards?

Do you believe that we mustn't lose our hard-won sexual health rights to contraception, abortion and education? Are you worried that cuts to funding, changes in policy and the rise of a more extreme and aggressive anti-choice movement could have an impact on your rights? Then let your elected Member of Parliament (MP) know!

The majority of people in the UK believe in women’s and young people’s choices when it comes to sexual health services. But decision-makers rarely hear from them. Instead they receive many messages from the small but vocal anti-choice minority. We need your help to give MPs a true picture of public opinion.

Contact your MP. Tell them you support XES – We Can't Go Backwards and ask them to use their influence to protect our rights to sexual health services, information, advice and education.

Write to your MP

Don't worry if you've never written to your MP before, it's very simple.

  1. Write your letter. Use our draft letter below or write your own.
  2. Find your MP. Type in your postcode to find your MP and their contact details.
  3. Email or post your letter to your MP.
  4. Use the ‘Share’ button at the top of the page to tell your friends about this important issue.

Tweet your MP

Is your MP on Twitter? If so, you can tweet them about sexual health too.

  1. Use Tweetminster to find if your MP is on Twitter. Type in your postcode or search by constituency.
  2. If your MP is on Twitter, click through to their profile or make a note of their @ name.
  3. Tweet them one of our messages below or write your own. Don't forget to link back to this page so they can read about the issues in more detail.

Example tweets you can use

  • I’ve written to my MP about problems I experienced accessing contraception. Add your voice http://ow.ly/dLcfo #CantGoBack
  • I believe that people should be able to access the full range of contraception methods without restrictions http://ow.ly/dLcfo #CantGoBack