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FAQs about XES

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What is XES - We Can't Go Backwards?

XES – We Can't Go Backwards is a campaign launched by sexual health charities Brook and FPA. The campaign is an attempt to respond to the way in which people's rights to sexual health services, advice and information are being undermined. The campaign is planned to run for at least three years and during that time will gather information on services, carry out research, inform people of their rights and encourage people to demand better. The launch of this website is the first burst of XES – We Can't Go Backwards activity.

What do you mean by 'sexual health services'?

We are talking about the whole range of places that you might try to get any kind of sexual health service. Sexual health services include:

  • Contraception (including condoms)
  • Emergency contraception (sometimes referred to as the morning after pill)
  • Information about pregnancy, or pregnancy testing
  • Help with decision making if you are pregnant
  • Information about abortion or referral for an abortion
  • Testing and treatment for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) including HIV

You can get these things from a whole range of places, including:

  • Your GP
  • A local contraception clinic (sometimes called a 'family planning clinic')
  • A young people's service (like a Brook service)
  • A pharmacy
  • A genito-urinary medicine (GUM) clinic

We are interested in finding out about all of these places and how easy you found it to get the service that you were looking for.

What stories do you want people to share?

We would like to hear people's experience of sexual health services throughout the UK. We want to understand if services are being at all restricted, or made more difficult to use. We also want to know where good services are. You can tell us your story in words, but you can also use this site to upload pictures and videos and you can share your experiences on social media.

What will you do with the data you collect through the map?

We want to put together a picture of how good our sexual health services are and identify those places where people are finding it difficult to access the service they need, for whatever reason. We want to use this information to try and influence local funders and decision makers to improve the services and make sure people have access to the full range of services and information they deserve.

Who are Brook and FPA?

Brook and FPA are sexual health charities. They have launched this campaign together.

Brook is a charity providing young people with sexual health services and information. Brook also campaigns to improve sexual health. You can find more information about their work at www.brook.org.uk

FPA is a charity that gives straightforward information, advice and support on sexual health, sex and relationships to everyone in the UK. You can find out more about their work at www.fpa.org.uk

How is XES - We Can't Go Backwards funded?

XES – We Can't Go Backwards is part of a whole programme of work that FPA and Brook are undertaking funded by Durex. Since the two charities began researching the campaign two pharmaceutical companies - Sanofi Pasteur and MSD - have also donated to the campaign. We hope to raise funds through the campaign and will keep the information on campaign partners up to date so people are clear about how it is funded. None of the funders have influence over the strategy or content of the campaign.