For more than 50 years, people have been fighting to improve their sexual health and relationships. Since the 1960s we’ve gained free contraception on the NHS, legal abortion in England, Scotland and Wales and much more.

But many of the rights and choices we’ve come to take for granted are in danger, from funding cuts, changes to policy, and extremist opposition.

What would you do if people prevented you from going in to services, if your local service didn't exist, if your doctor refused to give you contraception, if nobody talked about sexual health or contraception, or rights?

This campaign is about making sure you know your rights and are prepared to fight to keep them. It's about making sure we don't go backwards.


Brook is a trading name of Brook Young People. Limited company registered in England and Wales, number 2466940. Registered charity in England and Wales, number 703015. Registered office: 81 London Road, Liverpool L3 8JA.

The Family Planning Association is a registered charity, number 250187, and a limited liability company registered in England, number 887632. Registered office: 23-28 Penn Street, London N1 5DL.

Campaign run by Brook and FPA,
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Brook, 81 London Road, Liverpool L3 8JA.
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